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spiders nightclub


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Spiders A Fairytale

Once upon a time, back in the sad old days when silly dancing and cocoa tin lid medallions were all the rage, Hull had only one club that played good music. It was called the Bishop Lane Club, it is now the home of a friendly vegetarian restaurant called Hitchcocks. One day, Lady Mortargate and her elves decided to open a club which would give Hulls elves and pixies an alternative late night venue. They acquired a half share in a poor unloved run down club which was frequented mainly by trolls and goblins. Lady Mortargate and her elves met up one night in a drinking establishment called the Haworth Arms to discuss future plans for the club, they knew drastic measures were needed to change the club in order to make it popular with all the local elves and pixies but knew full well that any change would prove unpopular with the trolls and goblins that used the club. Now, it is a well known fact that all trolls and goblins are afraid of small loveable furry creatures, especially if they have long legs, so they decided to change the name of the club to Spiders.This in its own right might keep away many of the trolls and goblins and may attract elves and pixies who are known to love these small, long legged furry creatures. Other points discussed that night included who would manage the club and who would protect them from the trolls and goblins who might try to gain entry to the club. They knew their main weapon in keeping away trolls and goblins, had to be the change in music policy, this was discussed in great detail, they had to find DJ's whose music taste was the same as theirs and had not been brainwashed with the current music theme. They knew a crazy barman called Sir Granville of Keithley, a teacher during the day, a superb barman by night. After discussions with Sir Granville and after much bartering he agreed to manage the club. They now needed some door security, capable of keeping the trolls and goblins out of the club. It came to their notice that a Black Knight called Sir Tony who was recently up from the smoke was looking for work along with his friend Sir John of Saxby, and so it came to pass that Sir Tony and Sir John joined their ranks. Two princes called Kevin and Jerry were chosen to become their DJ's, both liked new, innovative music.

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