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spiders nightclub


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Spiders A Fairytale

It was a difficult time, the music was right, the atmosphere was right, but the numbers of pixies and elves visiting the club was unfortunately not good. The head gremlin at the local bank was not happy and insisted they must pay in more groats or he would send his trolls around to take away their possessions. It was about this time a fairy queen called Wendy started to work at the club. One day, three pixies asked if they could run a special night on a Thursday, playing even more innovative music. Lady Mortargate and the elves thought this was a great idea and so the Roach club was born. This lasted about a year, as the young pixies had other bridges to cross and so the Roach club came to an end. They then decided it would be a good idea to include live music, so they started to put Hulls young bands on stage on Friday nights, giving all Hulls young budding musicians a chance to play to a decent sized audience, using professional equipment and also receiving payment for doing so. Lady Mortargate and one of the elves decided to be radical and introduced a new concept in nightclub management. It was agreed to slash the prices of all drinks, this was unheard of in Hulls club scene, it was a risk but it was a risk that had to be taken. The idea worked, more and more pixies and elves began visiting the club, appreciating the great deal they were being offered. After a month or so the head gremlin at the bank was more than pleased and so were Lady Mortargate and the elves. Shortly after, Sir Granville went on a valiant quest to a land far, far away. Sir Tony the Black Knight was offered a job as an inn keeper in one of Hulls more problematic drinking houses and so he too left the family. They replaced Sir Tony with a friendly giant called John an experienced doorman who was kind to elves and pixies but disliked trolls and goblins. The club was doing fairly well but they knew it could do better. Two young imps called Dece and Shaun took over the Thursday night slot, it was called Desolation Row, similar to the Roach club only including live bands who were becoming very popular. It was on one of these nights that Everything but the Girl played at the club, the only time they ever played in Hull. Their main DJ'S, Kevin and Jerry had recently left the club. They were replaced by Peter the Wizard, an extraordinary DJ with an amazing knowledge of music.


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