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spiders nightclub


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Spiders A Fairytale

Spiders club was becoming well known nationally, the cult TV show the Tube asked if they could film at the club, one month later in a Tube special about Hull, they filmed a band called International Rescue playing live at the club. That legendary pixie Jools Holland was there to oversee the performance. In time to come Peter the Wizard became lost in a world of make believe, and therefore had to leave. Enter Frank, a student DJ pixie studying at Hull University. Lady Mortargate and her elves started to run parties for Hull University societies on a Thursday night in place of Desolation Row. These nights became very popular as a large part of the groats taken on the door went into the coffers of the said societies. These parties carried on for the next five years or so. During this time the two elves who set up the club with Lady Mortargate had a major disagreement about the future of the club, one elf wanted to stay on the same safe road, the other elf wanted to follow an unsafe and dangerous path. It was a sad time and there was no way a compromise could be achieved and so one of the elves left, never to return. It was a very, very sad time. Lady Mortargate and the remaining elf then asked a young Prince called Tim to help run the club. This he did for the next year, but the young Prince was not happy in this role so he left to search for riches in another kingdom. Later on the young Prince would return to work as barman, bar manager and later as DJ and would prove to be one of the club's most loyal subjects. It was at this time, Lady Mortargate and the elf bought the other half share in the club, this cost them many groats but now the club was all theirs. Up to this time Lady Mortargate was working for a large company during the day as a secretary to a nasty monster called Mike the Pipe. It was decided that the time had come for her to leave this unpleasant situation and work at the club full time. Frank the pixie DJ finally finished at Hull University and set sail for distant shores. One night Peter the Wizard came to the club on a night out, he seemed to have settled down, he had recently married a nymph called Cathy. He asked if he could DJ at the club once again. It is very hard to describe what Peter the Wizard was like, crazy, unreliable, loveable, cheeky, infuriating, does not come close. Oh yes, he was a great DJ. They said yes !


An Elf Talking With A Nice Pixie




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