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spiders nightclub


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Spiders A Fairytale

They decided around this time that opening three nights a week was probably unnecessary, other clubs were jumping on the bandwagon starting student nights and trying to copy their low priced drinks policy, without much success. They therefore closed Thursday night hoping that the elves and pixies would come to the club on the Friday night instead, they were right. The club was getting busier week after week so it was agreed that an extension be built to accommodate all the extra elves, pixies and imps that were frequenting the club, so work began on the Black Widow's parlour. Lady Mortargate and the elf were getting tired, yes, they knew it was only two nights a week but it was two nights a week for the past twelve years, without a break. Now the elf had a son imp called Keri, he did not have a job, so they suggested he start work full time at the club, this he did. Peter the Wizard again started to wander in fields of golden thistles so once again he had to go, he was, as said before one of the best DJ's ever and will always be remembered with much affection and gratitude. Peter the Wizard was replaced with Sir Christopher of Von Trapp as main DJ. Later on he would be joined by princess Sonja, a young imp Priya, and their pixie friends Stuart, Mandy and Ruth. Lady Mortargate and the elf decided to take on another night manager as the club was so busy. One of their security team was a Knight called Sir Raymond of Venton he was a fine, upstanding fellow with a great personality. He was ideal for the job and they were so pleased when he accepted the position. Sir Raymond became a stalwart at Spiders and to this day he still is. He has run the club along with Keri the imp for the past seven years. Well that is the story of Spiders so far, many more elves, pixies, imps, knights, princes, princesses and fairy queens have been involved in the running of Spiders over the past twenty one years. lf you are one, and happen to read this story, then :-






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