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spiders nightclub


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Friday Upstairs - Positively 4th Street

If you've never tried it, just come along once to Positively 4th Street and check it out. The musical pedigree is second to none and the ambience, friendly. The mix of people is varied and interesting but everyone has the aim of having a good time. Musically you can expect to hear the cream of the crop from the 50's to the 90's ( and beyond ), incorporating many styles and attitudes. Generally, most requests are played but if your chosen song or artist is not going to get played then I would let you know, at the time of asking. I would not simply leave you waiting in vain for something that you're not gonna get! I am often asked for Aha's - `Take on me` and other similar artists, but this is not the sort of thing that I want to get into. There is a time and place for this type of music but Positively 4th Street isn't the time or the place.

So what are you likely to get when you visit us? You'll get all the old classics across many different genres ; Motown, Rock `n` Roll, Northern Soul, 60's and 70's Pop and Rock, Psychedelia, Blues, Ska, Madchester and Indie. Versions of songs will generally be the original or if not, they will be able to stand up on their own merits and not simply be poor versions of superior ones. Some songs are requested every week and it never fails to amaze me how these songs never seem to lose their popularity. There have been some fantastic Friday nights at Positively 4th Street, a few weeks ago, one guy told me that he had been looking for somewhere like this for the past 15 years. We are due to marry on August the 15th, well how could we possibly not, after receiving a wonderful comment like that!??! Occasionally, if someone has a chart hit which is a cover version, I will start to play the original and it can be quite surprising that people don't know that it is indeed someone elses original work. This happened when I played The Jam's - Carnation, a guy thought that Liam Gallagher and Steve Craddock's recent chart hit was the original. He thanked me for, as he put it "educating" him. Cher (1991), covered a song by Betty Everett (1968) called "It's in his kiss (the shoop shoop song) ". I have recently started playing the original one here. If you do come to Spiders on a Friday night don't forget to"come up and see me sometime" because when you do, you won't want to leave! Songs will only be played once so it's no use coming up late and expect to hear your favourite Rolling Stones number, you may well get a Rolling Stone song but not necessarily the one you would have chosen. I don't want there to be any pretence at Positively 4th Street, just top quality, high pedigree, class tunes for everybody to enjoy. Try it!!


Friday Upstairs

Friday Downstairs

Saturday Upstairs

Saturday Downstairs


Neil Young....Helpless

Dr Feelgood....Roxette

Pete Shelley....Homosapian


The Beatles....I saw her standing there

Bowie....Jean Genie

Joe Tex....Show Me

Bad company....Can't get enough

R.E.M. ....End of the world

The Clash....Rock the casbah

The Stranglers....Peaches

Steve Miller....The Joker

Ray Charles....what'd I say

Jethro Tull....Living in the past

The Mamas and Papas....Creque Alley

Jimi Hendrix....Hey Joe

Gomez....Whippin' Piccadilly

The Specials....Too much to young

Rod Stewart....You wear it well

Van Morrison....Moondance

The Zombies....She's not there

The Who....Won't get fooled again

Rolling Stones....Not fade away

The Kinks....Dead end street

Desmond Dekker....The Israelites

The Small Faces....whatcha gonna do about it ?

The Undertones....Teenage kicks

Just simply great music, from some great artistes.

The Doors....L.A. Woman

Tommy James....Mony Mony

Bob Dylan....All along the watchtower

Thin Lizzy....The boys are back in town

Mott the Hoople....Roll away the stone

Cockney Rebel....Make me smile

Dion....The Wanderer

The Kingsman....Louie Louie

Canned Heat....On the road again

Golden Earring....Radar love

Chris Farlowe....Out of time

The Chiffons....Sweet talking guy

Free....all right now

Donovan....Sunshine superman

Muddy Waters....Got my mojo working

Symarrip....Skinhead moonstomp


Happy Mondays....Hallelujah

Toploader...Dancing in the street

Joni Mitchell....Big yellow taxi